“Stop measuring portions and trying to follow complicated formulas.  Instead, eat as many vegetables, beans, and fresh fruits as possible, and less of everything else.”Joel Fuhrman, MD

whole foods, low-fat, plant-based eating means:

  • eating whenever you are hungry
  • eating until you are satisfied
  • eating a larger amount of food and losing weight

“Generally speaking you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight – as long as you eat the right type of food. “  T. Colin Campbell, PhD

“Switching from meat, dairy products and processed foods to starches, vegetables, and fruits will cause you to consume 400 to 800 fewer calories a day – without consciously restricting the amount of foods that you eat.  The reduction in calories spontaneously happens because the foods have relatively few calories and are very satisfying.” John A. McDougall, MD

“Erase the term “portion size” from your vocabulary.  You don’t dissect your foods into carbs, fats and proteins.  No need to stress about calcium or iron.  Take fiber and the glycemic index off your list of things to fret about.  Calories count, but you don’t count calories.” Janice Stanger, PhD

“If you are eating a plant-based, no-oil, whole-grain diet filled with leafy greens and all the colorful vegetables.  You don’t need to worry about weight.  No calculations or calorie counting will be necessary.  Almost everyone loses weight with the diet change.” Ann Crile Esselstyn

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